Choosing the Perfect Sign Truck in Virginia

Signs and billboards are an essential part of any marketing campaign. They advertise a service or product and can reach an audience anywhere they go. It is actually an effective advertising method but putting those billboards up is another task altogether.

You need something that will enable you to get to those high altitudes that will make the sign or billboard visible to many and over a large distance. Going by statistics there are hardly any humans that tall so items like sign trucks come in handy.

Sign trucks in Virginia come in different sizes and types. Specific features work well for such trucks due to the intended function. The following should be taken into consideration when choosing a sign truck in Virginia.


How high do you want your signs to be? Most trucks can reach a height of between 32 feet to 105 feet. These are normal heights that allow the poster to be seen over a distance as opposed to it ‘appearing’ by the road as you drive along.

Bucket or ladder

Sign trucks come with either a basket that usually carries two people or a ladder. This allows whoever is fitting the signs to have a firm place to stand on. Ladders are of course less comfortable but it will depend on the individual

Insulated or not

Some billboards and signs involve the use of electricity and caution must be exercised when fitting or fixing such. Those with a basket can be insulated so as to avoid any chance of electrocution. This is not so common in sign trucks though but it would not hurt to take extra care.

The good thing about sign trucks is that they normally have a crane that can lift weights of up to 8,000 pounds so you will not have to lift too much. Machines are after all used for making work easier.

Once you make a choice make sure that whoever you hire your sign truck in Virginia from is licensed. The trucks themselves have to be inspected as well to ensure total safety before climbing on them since heights are dangerous.

If you don’t know where to start from you can look for references from people in the industry so that you remain certain that the trucks you are hiring will not let you down in any way.

Buying a truck for whatever purpose can be an expensive affair so Power Line Rent E-Quip, Inc. helps you cut costs by hiring out trucks to you for putting up signs and hauling cables.

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