Choosing The Best E Cig Starter Kits

Cigarette smoking is dangerous and it is a habit which is getting more expensive by the day. E Cig starter kits are becoming popular with tobacco smokers as they are cleaner and certainly a lot less costly, especially over time. Another benefit for a smoker is that they can be used anywhere, there is no ban on using them in public places, including hospitals. The jury is not in yet but it does appear that using the E cigarette is beneficial in cutting down or quitting smoking altogether. If you are about to embark on these devices, choosing E Cig starter kits means deciding on the cost of the kit, the style and the various cartridges that are available for the cigarette. Depending on the expected frequency of use, the battery life may also play a role in your decision.

E Cig starter kits come with the cigarette device which includes the battery and a supply of cartridges. Depending on the manufacturer and the desire of the user the cartridges are available that include nicotine as well as non-nicotine versions; there are also cartridges available that are all herbal. When the user draws on the tube the battery vaporizes the liquid, this vapor gives a similar reaction as does cigarette smoke. As the cartridges deplete it is important that you ensure a ready supply is available.

E cigarettes are available in a range of prices, there will be one or more available that fit your budget. The price differential is a result of different materials used in their manufacture, the number of cartridges that are included with the starter kit and the accessories that are included. Most smokers will find that even the most expensive kit will pay for itself quickly when the cost of real cigarettes is considered.

The cigarette, actually this is the battery, come in various configurations. Many are the same size and shape as a standard filtered cigarette but they are also available in different colors. The length of the battery is personal choice, some are considerably longer than a real cigarette; some are shorter. The longer version has a tendency to provide the user with a longer battery life before recharging is necessary. Many kits come complete with a case to hold a spare battery and cartridges.


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