Choosing a Family Attorney

If you live in Boise and looking for a family attorney, you will certainly have your choice of lawyers. It can be quite easy to get overwhelmed when looking for a Boise family attorney, but by taking the following tips and applying them to your search, it doesn’t have to be. Here are some of the best tips to use when seeking out a Boise family attorney:

Know What You Need

The first thing that you will need to do before hiring a Boise family attorney is to know what you need. A family attorney will typically cover a wide range of legal matters from divorce and custody to estate planning and adoption. Depending on what you are looking for, one attorney may be a better choice than others. For instance, if you are looking for someone to help with your adoption proceedings, you probably won’t want to go to an attorney whose practice is 95% divorce cases. By finding the attorney that best fits your needs, you will have a better outcome.

Do Some Research

It is also important that you do some research when it comes to finding the right attorney. For example, if you are seeking out an attorney for a divorce and you know some friends or family members who have been divorced, find out who their attorney was. You can ask them how they felt about their attorney, if they thought their attorney was competent and if they would use the attorney again. In addition to that type of research, you may also want to look up some reviews for the attorneys in question on the internet and make sure that they are licensed, in good standing, with the Idaho State Bar.

Contact the Office

You will then want to contact the office for more information and to set up a consultation. You can tell a lot about a legal office by how they treat you on the phone. If you feel as if you are bothering them by calling, if they are trying to rush you off of the phone or if they don’t seem genuine, you probably don’t want to work with them. If you feel comfortable with them, schedule a consultation and meet in person. That is the absolute best way to determine if an attorney is right for you.


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