Buying Guide for New Cars in Green Bay, WI: Features and Safety

There is nothing quite like the feeling of driving a brand new car the new car smell makes it all exhilarating. The advantages of owning a new car are undeniable. Being new, they are more reliable to boot and have longer lifespan as compared to used vehicles. With the shaky recovery of the economy, there has never been a better time to purchase a car. Loan rates are favorable and manufacturers dangling promotions and extended warranties for new cars. Here is a buying guide for New Cars in Green Bay, WI.


With the constant new car models, there are so many features that can make the car more attractive or comfortable. Depending on your budget, some of the features include darkness detecting light and heated seats. Backup camera can be a helpful feature if you need to parallel park. Since technology has become more advanced, they make squeezing into the space easy and will alert the user if there is an obstacle. Remote key fob which allows unlocking of car when one goes near the car just by using the wireless key. This is a great convenience for users. Some automaker can even turn your car into a mobile hotspot for Wi-Fi. With such a wide variety in features, one is spoiled for choices when choosing the ideal new car.


As safety technology has evolved over time, most cars are safe to a degree. If you are very concerned about safety or transport children around, consider investing in a vehicle which has excellent safety features. While each ear come with dash mounted air bags, some have center and side airbags to reduce the impact of side collisions. Anti lock brakes is another feature that can prevent the wheels from skidding and locking up during a sudden emergency. They can be a great help when you drive over large puddles or ice. Another popular safety feature in New Cars in Green Bay, WI is the electronic stability control. It is a system which prevents the car from skidding sideways with the control of vehicles acceleration based on wheel traction.

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