Building or Replacing your Outdoor Decking

Decking is an architectural feature that is made up of a flat wooden surface, suitable for standing on outdoors. It is typically supported by struts and is slightly raised off the ground in order to remain level with the building to which it is attached. The purpose of a deck can be to add aesthetic value and beauty to the exterior of home as well as be of practical use.

Decking in usually made from timber and can also be part of the landscape of your garden. It doesn’t have to be attached to the house itself but there are instances where the house might be higher than the garden and the decking can be a find addition that blends the two or three levels into one. Decking can also be raised to make a balcony along the top level of a house and a covered path below it. The term ‘deck’ allegedly came from the same term that a ship’s deck uses for the wooden flooring. Because the decking is made from any type of suitable wood it certainly follows that it should be named appropriately.

Replacing your Decking and some Tips

If you are replacing your existing decking you should be aware of the behaviour of the climate. For instance, decking in Bath might need more water barrier treatment than decking in Kent. It all depends on the climate and the amount of rain each area receives on average per year. If you are installing decking for the first time, the same rules apply. Do your research and find the best local wood for the job. You will also be advised to get good advice about treating the decking after it is installed. Most stores will sell pre-treated timber or decking lumber, but putting a few extra coats of sealant on it won’t hurt, that’s for sure. Also, regular maintenance and a yearly fresh coat of sealant will help tremendously to keep the decking in the best condition.

Each year, do a run through of all the bolts and screws and make sure they are all tightened thoroughly. This stops any loose bolts or screws from becoming too loose and causing irreparable damage to the decking in years to come.
Bendrey Brothers provide a wide range of decking boards suitable for your home into your garden or by creating a tranquil hideaway.

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