Boat Trailers for Sale

HOSTAR plans and constructs best-in-class water driven trailers for marina’s, boatyards, haulers, restorers, merchants, and producers.

Our hydraulic boat trailers for sale take care of the issues of constrained storage room, high transporting and taking care of costs, awkward supports and tedious stacking and propelling strategies. A totally open focus, basic controls, and using pressurized water driven arms and edge are the keys to their timesaving and laborsaving capacities. A HOSTAR water powered trailer requires just a single administrator to handle slope propelling and haulout, stacking and off-stacking, transporting and putting away.

Focused on giving water driven trailers and united gear of the most astounding quality, we have earned our notoriety for exceptional esteem and prevalent client benefit. We furnish our trailers with the finest segments, U.S. made wherever conceivable, and out welders and mechanics are uncommon experts who take incredible pride in their work. We are known for our eagerness to adjust plans to fit extraordinary client prerequisites which regularly brings about fascinating and creative upgrades.

Our clients, who utilize our boat trailers for sale regularly, have turned into our best sales representatives! We welcome you to converse with some of them and to call us or visit our plant here in Massachusetts.

Pontoon trailers need to handle probably the most rebuffing conditions out there, from salt water drenching to mud to year-round climate. They likewise need to give demanding structure bolster out and about and simple stacking and emptying at the water’s edge. Stack Rite trailers give you the best of both universes. Our substantial obligation electrifies and aluminum edges are a portion of the hardest available, with outstanding sturdiness and consumption resistance, while our propelled parts secure and ensure your specialty at each period of operation. Check out our boat trailers for sale today!

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