How Self-Propelled Boat Trailers Can Pay For Themselves

Buying self-propelled boat trailers is initially more costly than buying a towable yard trailer. The self-propelled trailer has its own motor and drive system, and the larger models can have a driver platform and the option for 360-degree cameras and monitors, making it easy to move even the largest boat around with ease.

The long-term benefits of self-propelled boat trailers can offset the higher purchase costs through several different means. In addition, in purchasing a quality trailer, there will be no need to replace the trailer for decades to come.

Lower Maintenance

The drive system, frame, hydraulics, and even the camera systems on the best made self-propelled boat trailers are very low maintenance, helping to reduce the cost of operation. Without the need for a truck or tractor in the yard, there is only one piece of equipment to maintain and not two.

Greater Maneuverability for Storage

These trailers are easy to maneuver even in tight quarters and in covered spaces. This allows increased accuracy when positioning boats, allowing for maximum capacity in the marina, boatyard, or at a repair shop or showroom facility. More boats in any location creates the opportunity for additional revenue.

Less Damage Risk

The high levels of maneuverability, stability, and operator visibility with these trailers makes them very safe for hauling boats in boatyards and other areas. Their design allows for complete stability of the boat, minimizing the risk of damage to the boat during transport in the yard.