Be Cool With an In Ground Swimming Pool in Indianapolis, IN!

If you’ve ever seen an episode of the 1960s sitcom, The Beverly Hillbillies, where the “cement pond” was featured, you’ll know what a symbol of wealth and class an in ground swimming pool represented to the American public in that era.

Not much has changed. An In Ground Swimming Pool in Indianapolis, IN is still a mark of distinction, the epitome of personal luxury and affluence. While the masses swim in the river, pond or public pool, you can swim in the privacy of your own custom designed pool at home.

There are quite a few advantages to having your own pool at home vs. using a public pool. For one, you can exercise options about the pool itself: location, size, concrete, fiberglass or vinyl lined, depth, diving board or no, type of surrounding, interior design, lighting and more. One important choice a homeowner who installs a private in ground swimming pool has is whether to disinfect the pool using chlorine or to have a more natural, salt water pool. If money is no object, it’s even possible to install your own infinity pool … which is an engineered optical illusion that makes it seem as if the outer edge of your pool flows all the way to the horizon … a surprisingly restful, stress relieving effect. You also have input as to the filtration system for your pool.

Once these decisions have been made, there’s a lot of work to be done between breaking ground and the first time your toe breaks the surface of that cool, clear water. First, the site must be excavated and prepared. Next, depending on what type of lining the pool will have, a fiberglass shell is placed into the cavity, the vinyl liner installed or in the case of a concrete pool, the pool’s form will be constructed and overlayed with concrete and then a waterproof plaster topping applied. The plumbing, filtration system and lighting must also be installed, as well as any decorative tile work or concrete stamping. The basin must be filled with dirt between the pool’s exterior and the hole in order to support the pool once it is filled with water. The surfaces and surroundings must be finished, and the pool filled with sanitized water which is usually trucked in to save the homeowner’s well pump or water bill.

Add lounge chairs, towels, floats and sunscreen and suddenly the day has arrived … ker-splash!

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