Basic Maintenance For A Trane AC Compressor

by | Jun 21, 2016 | Tools & Equipment

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Regardless of the model and design of a commercial AC compressor, there are some basic maintenance and preventative tasks that should be completed on a scheduled basis.

With a Trane AC compressor, as with any model, these basic steps will help to extend the life of the compressor, keep the efficiency of the air conditioner at top levels and also to help to provide even, consistent cooling and refrigeration. As a compressor issue can be costly, this small amount of maintenance is well worth the effort and can also help to determine of the compressor will need to be repaired or if replacing with a remanufactured Trane AC compressor may be a better and more cost effective option.

Know the Schedule

While this may seem basic, simply reading through the information provided with the commercial HVAC system will provide your in-house technicians and maintenance professionals with the basics they need to know.

There will be a maintenance schedule provided or, if not available, simply contact your commercial Trane sales rep and he or she will provide the information. Looking up the compressor and other components by part number will also provide information directly from the website.

Maintaining the Exterior

For outdoor mounted units, including on the roof of a building, debris, dirt, pollutants and even garbage can become a problem. When these things collect against the outside of the system, there is going to be an increased risk of problems with efficiency, cooling and even with the system temperature regulation.

Maintaining the exterior on a regular basis is a simple option. This also allows the maintenance staff to look for any signs of problems with the unit, including if there are any leaks or other concerns.

Lubricant Levels

One of the most common causes of any type of air compressor failure is low oil lubricant levels. This prevents the correct lubrication of parts, leading to increased risk of failure of the entire compressor.

Leaks in the system, valves not working correctly or even oil pump failures are all causes of low lubricant levels that can be easily detected. If low oil is present, it is important to then complete a full inspection of the system to determine where the problem is occurring.

In addition to lubricant issues, any Trane AC compressor may also fail when there are electrical problems. This can be caused by a range of different issues from damaged wiring to acid buildup in the system. Both can lead to compressor failure, so regular checks of the electrical system to the unit will also be important.

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