Basic Education About Bail Bonds in Glendale, AZ That You Should Know

Statistics show that slightly more than half of all Americans find themselves in handcuffs at least once in their lifetime. Innocent people get arrested, too, hence why we are all “innocent until proven guilty”. In Arizona, suspected criminals charged with crimes usually must post bail before being released. You should know how Glendale bail bonds work in case you find yourself in a situation like this.

Explaining Bail

Defendants, or people charged with crimes, are often kept in jail until trial. Weeks, months, or years could pass before criminal cases are carried out until completion, depending on the nature of the crime. Judges often give defendants the privilege of pretrial release by granting bail. Bail, conveyed in dollar terms, is given to courts and held until defendants’ cases are heard.

Getting Your Money Back

Bail is eventually returned to defendants if they satisfactorily meet their pretrial release conditions. Although every case is different, defendants must be present at scheduled court dates and could be placed on curfew, subjected to drug screens, and expected to meet with probation officers.

What If You Can’t Afford Bail?

Bail is often too expensive for the average American to afford. Fortunately, you have the option to buy a bail bond in Glendale, AZ from a bail bond company like Sanctuary Bail Bonds. Bail bonds require defendants or their family to put up collateral in the amount of the bail to secure the bond that will be posted for a inmates release. A typical bail bondsman fee is between 10% and 15% of their court assigned bail. Unlike bail, bail bonds aren’t returned to defendants, they are returned to the company that posted the bond. Bondsmen are often willing to accept payment plans in exchange for posting your bond for release. An example would be if the court assigns a $10,000 bail, a typical bail bond fee would be around $1,000.

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