Basement Water Proofing In Huntington Beach Helps Prevent Mold And Damage to Your Home

Basement water proofing is highly essential if you want to prevent mold growth inside your home. These fungi can cause serious health problems for you as well as members of your household if left unattended to for an extended period. Molds typically cause reactions that people commonly refer to as allergies. Itching of eyes, sinus congestion, runny noses and wheezing are common. Also, molds produce toxic substances known as mycotoxins, which have resulted in death in some cases. If mold is growing in your home, you need to do something to eliminate them. Basement Water Proofing in Huntington Beach is only one of the essential steps in ensuring that your home is mold free.

Basement waterproofing essentially has to do with preventing water from entering and accumulating within your basement. Molds prefer damp areas of basements and bathrooms; thus, it is important that you keep these places dry. If there is a leaky pipe in your house, you have to get it fixed immediately. It is a good idea to cover all the pipe connections and joints with sealant to prevent water from escaping. If there are cracks on your walls where water might seep through, that is an indication that your home needs foundation repair. You should ask an expert to do this job for you because it is a delicate task.

Big floor and wall cracks can be fixed with water sealants and construction-grade epoxy. Before sealing the cracks with an epoxy or sealants, they should be cleaned first. Cracks on concrete floors and walls can be repaired by using mortar to fill them up. The mortar should be composed of approximately 30 percent cement and 70 percent sand and water mixture. Tiny or hairline cracks can be filled up using a waterproofing mix. In both types of cracks, applying the sealants will be simpler if a trowel or putty knife is used.

The next phase in basement Water Proofing in Huntington Beach is to paint or apply a waterproofing substance on the entire wall. Of course, the whole basement should have been cleaned first and all the mold growths eliminated before waterproofing the area. Molds also eat and thrive on paint, so ensure that the molds have been completely eliminated before you apply paint. Also, your basement should always be kept clean. This is another important tip for preventing mold growths. Check the area for growths regularly and eliminate them right away.

Water proofing helps prevent mold and damage to your home For more information on waterproofing services.

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