A Cover For Your Hot Tub Is Very Important

Getting your hot tub spa in Cape Coral, FL installed and running is great, but keeping it in pristine condition is extremely important. Here are a few facts about hot tub covers:

They keep the hot tub free from debris:

* This is by far the most obvious reason why a cover is important. In any yard there is bound to be leaves, insects, bits of trash and other unwanted debris flying around and the last place you want it is in your hot tub.

Protection for kids and pets:

* Unfortunately children do drown in hot tubes and it only takes a minute for this tragedy to unfold. When you add a hot tub spa in Cape Coral, FL to your home you take this risk, the cover address this risk. The cover of the hot tub is heavy, far too heavy for a small child to lift without the assistance of an adult who will be attending to the child.

Eliminates direct sunlight:

* Direct sunlight can damage a hot tub; a cover will help eliminate this potential. The most important consideration when buying the cover is the thickness, if the tub is outside; the thicker cover is suggested as they will withstand direct rays better.

Help to retain heat:

* Once the tub has been installed, the costs keep adding up. The cost to maintain the heat in the tub means additional electricity, the less consumed the cheaper it is to operate the hot tub. A well designed cover will help keep the heat in the tub. The best covers for this purpose are those made from expanded polystyrene.

In most cases a hot tub spa in Cape Coral, FL is delivered with a cover, however, if the spa does not include the cover or the time comes when the cover needs replacing, here are a few important things to remember:

Size: Check the documentation that comes with your spa, it should state specifically what size cover you should buy.

Material: There is always insulating foam but the exterior can be made from various materials. Make sure the material you purchase is resistant to mildew.
Children: If you have kids in the house then it is recommended that the hot tub cover you purchase is of sufficient weight to discourage the child from opening the cover.

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