Avoid These Mistakes When Choosing a Personal Injury Law Firm in Oshkosh WI

If a person is injured because of someone else’s negligence, selecting the right personal injury law firm in Oshkosh WI is an important decision. Rising medical bills can cripple a victim financially, especially when they can no longer work. By hiring an injury attorney, clients can protect their rights and increase their chances of a successful claim. The tips below will help victims avoid some of the most common mistakes made when choosing an attorney.

Choosing an Attorney Based on Length of Time in Practice

There’s no disputing that attorneys should have real-world experience. However, there is more to choosing a lawyer than the number of years they have been practicing. When interviewing an attorney, the client should ask how many cases have gone to trial. This and other questions can help a victim determine whether a lawyer has the knowledge necessary to take a case to court if a settlement is not appropriate.

Choosing a Lawyer Based on a Phone Call

It is important to interview an attorney in person before signing a contract. With an in-person interview, a client can evaluate the lawyer’s skill and knowledge in handling workers’ comp and personal injury claims. The consultation allows clients to ask questions about case-specific factors, which can help them know what to expect during the rest of the case.

Choosing a Lawyer Who Refuses to Advance Expenses for Litigation, Regardless of the Circumstances

Everyone knows that litigation is expensive, and not everyone can afford a lengthy court case. If a client cannot afford the expenses and the lawyer refuses to offer an advance, the victim may be forced to accept whatever settlement the insurer offers. Clients should ask the attorney if they can advance certain litigation costs. Most lawyers will advance such expenses and recoup them from the settlement. If an attorney isn’t willing to do this, another lawyer will. Clients have enough to deal with, often paying other injury-related costs, and they shouldn’t have to worry about litigation expenses.
Personal injuries can have lasting effects, and some people end up not being able to go back to work. To minimize economic losses and protect legal rights, clients should visit Gregwrightlaw.com to hire a personal injury law firm in Oshkosh WI as soon as possible after an accident.

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