Auto Custom Painting in North Liberty, LA Will Match the New Paint to the Old Paint

When your vehicle is in an accident, one of the first thoughts is how can I get this damage fixed so the car looks at least as good as it did before the accident. Of course, good body repair is the start of restoring the vehicle to its condition prior to the accident, but painting the vehicle can be a challenge.

Matching the color of the undamaged part of your car can be relatively easy using the manufacturer’s paint code that is on the label mounted to the door frame. This is a start because the age of the car may have caused the car paint to fade and, therefore, it will be difficult to match the paint exactly by just this one reference.

Auto Custom Painting in North Liberty, LA has the the Spectrophotometer which is placed against the sheet metal of the undamaged portion of the car and it will give a readout of the formula used for that car’s paint. This is high-technology and it gets the color to match as close as the color can match.

Another useful system is the manufacturer’s color code formula which is available to auto body shops. This is one of the best ways to match the color, but the paint applied to the damaged portion of the car still depends on using the correct paint matching system and the skill of the painter. Perhaps the skill of the painter is the biggest factor in achieving the best color match.


The older the car is and the more it has been in the very hot sun, the more likely the color of the car will have faded. A skilled painter can mix the paint for the damaged part of the car to match the faded portion. The problem is the match may not be a perfect match, but the highly skilled painter will get the color so close that the difference will not be noticeable.

So, when your car needs body work you have to be concerned with the body shop’s quality of paint work. Auto Custom Painting North Liberty, LA is skilled at matching paint and in painting the damaged parts.

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