Art Classes Provide Many Benefits for a Child’s Development

Art Classes for Kids in Charleston SC provide many benefits for a child’s development. Children not only develop an appreciation for visual aesthetics but also see improvements in motor skills, language, decision making and visual learning.

Art and Motor Skills

When children participate in art classes for kids in Charleston SC they will learn to hold and manipulate many tools such as paintbrushes, crayons, various forms of pencils and even their hands for finger painting. This will contribute to developing the essential fine motor skills required for their development. The National Institute of Health recommends children should be able to use safety scissors and also draw simple shapes such as a circle by the age of three. When kids participate in art classes at an early age they excel in meeting their milestones for motor skills which will aid when they learn to write.

Improved Language Development

Children participating in art classes will learn more words such as shapes, colors and even actions and can associate shapes to less common items. For example if a child is not happy with their artwork and crumple it up, they will associate the shape they create to a ball. They will also develop more adjectives for description when participating in art classes as they will be interested in describing their artwork and even feelings associated with their work.

Decision Making and Creativity

Art education has also been shown to improve critical thinking and problem solving skills according to Americans for the Arts. This is due to the opportunity to make decisions while creating artwork such as selecting colors, what a child wants to draw, etc. This type of creativity is then carried with them through life allowing them to more readily problem solve and use their critical thinking skills.

Visual Learning

Of course art contributes to visual learning through all of the various arts and crafts in which a child participates. From drawing to sculpting a child becomes more aware of visual-spatial skills which can actually assist them when learning to use computers and hand held devices. Today it is very important for children to learn to understand visual information from using icons in computer programs to translation into 3-D forms they encounter through life.

By entering your child in art classes for kids in Charleston SC you will also help improve their academic performance. Studies show that kids are able to see improvement by as much as four times the performance of kids without art in their lives including in their math and language.

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