Are the Reputations of California Wines Improving?

In decades past, California Wines were not always considered to be top tier. It was not unusual for experts to favor French or Spanish wines over anything that could be produced in a domestic setting, including what came out of the vineyards in California. More recently, these wines have begun to receive the recognition they deserve. There are several reasons for the change in attitude. Here are some examples to consider.

Recognition of the Quality

Over the years, the quality of California Wines has proven to be consistently high. Some in the wine community to tended to think anything domestic could not measure up to the production of centuries-old wineries in Spain, Italy, and France have begun to set aside their preconceptions and evaluate the wines on their own merits. As it becomes clear that many of the products coming from California wineries are excellent from one year to the next, there are those who have found they can recommend those vintages without reservation.

More Acceptable at the Table

Among wine enthusiasts, it used to be that domestic wines were for home consumption while the imported wines were set aside for consumption when guests were present. This was due to the perceived inferior quality of domestic products. As more people have realized they enjoy wines from California just as much as some of their imported favorites, the perceived stigma of serving a domestic wine has lessened. In some cases, that has been the means of introducing some excellent wines to people who would never have tried them otherwise.

Pricing Helps

As with wines from other countries, the offerings produced in California vary greatly in price. The fact that some of the less-expensive wines hold up well in terms of the taste, the bouquet, and the texture has made it easier for consumers to readily reach for some of those more affordable wines.

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