Discover The Underrated Nature of Lovely Long Island Wines

There are many great places and regions with which wine lovers immediately associate quality grapes and wines. Think of Italy, and “Brindisi”-worthy visions of a beautiful idyllic Mediterranean countryside with grapes to match immediately comes to mind, complete with the best chianti and crisp summer wines you could ever want. Think of France, and you are treated to some of the most iconic and carefully-controlled wine regions in France, from the actual Bordeaux and Champagne regions to the Parisian wine market with all its many flavors and variations. Think of Argentina or California, and you think of some of the more popular, fastest-growing wine-growing regions in the Americas today.

Chance are, however, you may not think Long Island itself is capable of producing great wines. You would be wrong. Here is a sampling of what you can expect from the best Long Island wines in the region.

Balanced Wines

One of the best qualities about Long Island wines as a group is that they are generally very balanced. The temperate climate provides them with stable growing conditions, and so the grapes themselves are not exposed to extreme temperatures that might drastically alter their natural flavor. Instead, the best wines from Long Island tend to have a smooth, clean, refreshing quality to them. You can visit local wine shops in the area and ask storekeepers who specialize in the region about the best vintages of the season.

Beautiful Reds

Long Island is a good region for growing the kind of grapes that go into making red wines. If you are looking for a sweet yet interesting new flavor in your bottle of red, Long Island wines might well be your ticket, with merlots and cabernets especially represented in the region.

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