AR 15 Kits and Accessories – The Road to a Custom Sporting Rifle

Many serious gun owners agree, the AR 15 is one of the finest rifles you can own. They can serve a number of purposes and offer many different benefits. Thanks to AR 15 kits and accessories, you can create your own custom rifle with some very important and convenient features. Here are a few of the many things you can get for your rifle.

Lower Parts Kit

Whether you are building your own rifle or customizing, you have the option of changing the lower parts in a number of ways. These kits give you the chance to replace the grip, trigger and hammer. You can change the color or styling to suit your tastes. Some kits are color coded for easy installation.

You also may wish to buy a stripped lower receiver. This allows you to custom build from scratch. You can choose the perfect receiver to go with the kind of additions you wish to make. This is especially important if you plan to replace the stock.


Maybe you are not satisfied with the stock barrel. Consider AR15 kits which include a stainless steel barrel. You also may wish to buy a chrome barrel. You can find barrels with slightly different rifling than stock if you have special shooting needs. Maybe you want less weight as possible. Choose a new lighter and shorter barrel.


Handguards keep you hand cooler while shooting and you can add all kinds of extras to some models. For example, railed handguards (forearms) give you the ability to add laser sights or perhaps a flashlight. When you choose a free floating forearm it can help to increase shooting accuracy. Anyone who uses their weapon a great deal will appreciate this kind of upgrade.

Optional Sights

A good rifle and scope may be all you need, but not always. There may be times when you need a sight and you can choose an optional pop-up sight which easily attaches to your new handguard. Some of these sights double as a gas block and auxiliary front sights.

Charging Handles

When you check out AR15 kits and parts, this can be one of the best upgrades you can make. Some charging handles are ergonomic in design and make shooting easier. Plus, if you use a suppression device, gas blowback is a real possibility and some models are designed to prevent this problem. New and improved charging handles can make shooting easier and more fun.

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