Advertise Your Business with Custom Street Banners

Banners are a great way to advertise your business. You can have custom street banners created that effectively communicate your business objective and logo. They can be screen printed or have vinyl lettering, the choice is yours. Every company can use a colorful banner that more than adequately displays their products, services, or message. Banners can be hung from the sides of buildings, or be put on stands that are securely anchored to the ground or sidewalk. When people drive by they will notice your colorful advertisement and can be influenced to attend sales, open houses, and many other types of events. You can even use custom made street banners to celebrate special events and holidays.

It’s All about the Materials

When you want a weatherproof type of banner created ask about scrim vinyl. This type of vinyl is made from plastic with a polyester scrim center. The scrim gives extra strength and stiffens the vinyl so it can be used as a heavy duty banner. Outdoor banners made from this type of material can withstand many different types of weather and still be used over and over again. If you are based in a windier area, then you want scrim vinyl street banners that are more flexible. Banners that are more for indoor use are made from smooth vinyl with a scrim layer that gives banners of this type crisp and clear graphics. They are perfect for events and used for pull up banners and x-banners too.

Polyester and Vinyl Banners Last a Long Time

Street banners last a long time when they are made out of polyester and vinyl. Vinyl mesh itself is a blend of vinyl coated polyester. This type of coated mesh is perfect for outdoor use because it allows the wind to flow through it, making it less impervious to windy conditions. You could also use fabric mesh which is a polyester material that is woven and has small holes to create a tight mesh pattern that is durable. Banners of this type are perfect for fence wraps. Street banners also come in 2-sided vinyl that have a black block-out liner nestled between two layers of smooth vinyl. This allows the banner to be printed on each side in a manner that keeps the graphics from bleeding through and ruining both sides. Street banners are perfect for parades, outdoor events, and sporting events simply because they tend to stay in good shape year after year.

AGAS Manufacturing Group creates custom street banners for schools, the military, businesses and organizations of all types. Contact them today to start creating the banners you need.

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