Advantages of Attic insulation in Wichita, KS

One of the best things you can do for your home in order to save money and energy is to insulate it as well as you can. It is also one of the least expensive things you can do for your home and one of the things that can make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

A lot of insulating is done in the walls at the time of construction, so unless you are building or remodeling, that can be a difficult area in which to upgrade the insulation. Your attic however, is a space that is often under insulated and is readily accessible. The insulation can come in a number of forms, from batting which can be laid in and attached with staples, to blown-in insulation which usually requires professionals, since very specialized equipment is required. If an Attic insulation in Wichita, KS specialist thinks it may be necessary, the original insulation in your attic can be removed before new insulation is added. This is something that a professional should advise you on. There is also something called the blow-in-blanket system of insulating which can be very effective, however, this requires not only special equipment, but specially certified technicians to operate it.

In addition to adding insulation to your attic, an expert in Attic insulation in Wichita, KS can also air seal your attic, preventing unwanted air movement through your home and costing you money in heating and cooling bills every month. This process involves spraying foam insulation which expands and seals cracks around things like wiring and pipe runs, as well as attic hatch openings. This process calls for a lot of expertise and should not be attempted by a non-professional.

Commercial buildings can also benefit from additional insulation, including their attic spaces. Utility bills for large commercial structures can be a substantial recurring expense and adding new or additional insulation can actually increase the profitability of a business by reining in that expense. The methods used in commercial structures may be slightly different than in residential buildings, but a specialist in Attic insulation in Wichita, KS will be able to explain it in detail.

Attic insulation can add to the comfort of your home, cut down on monthly bills, and help save energy. It is more of an investment in your home than an expense and a visit to  will answer a lot of your questions.

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