Maintaining a central air conditioner

There will be times when AC repair in Spring Hill TN becomes a necessity, however, with a dab of common sense and following a routine maintenance schedules, the average homeowner should be able to increase the time between service calls from a technician.

Most new homes have central air conditioning installed at the time of construction. The central AC works in cooperation with the furnace so it makes sense that heating and air conditioning be accomplished simultaneously.

Central air conditioning is made of two basic components, the condenser, which is installed outside the house and the evaporator which is installed in the plenum of the furnace. The condenser and the evaporator are connected by pipes which carry the refrigerant. Regardless of whether the home is being heated or cooled, the ducting system is used to move and distribute the air; there is no need for separate blowers or blower motors. When the air conditioning is running, the warm air in the various rooms are pulled from the room through the return vents, this warm air is then forced across the evaporator coil in the plenum and then sent back through the ducts. When you call AC repair in Spring Hill TN, the problem often lies with the distribution system.

Other than routine cleaning of the units, a professional technician should be employed as both the condenser and the evaporator are sealed units that should not be opened other than by knowledgeable professionals. Although it is highly recommended that a pro inspect and adjust the central AC at the beginning of the new cooling season, do not think that this once a year call is all that should be done.

The condenser in particular is prone to a buildup of debris, grass, weeds and the likes as it is installed outdoors. Make sure that the condenser is kept clear of all this debris and keep the coil clean. To clean the condenser coil it may be necessary to remove the protective screen. Use a commercially available coil cleaner; do not attempt to clean the coils with a garden hose as there is a good chance all that will accomplish is to turn the dust into mud between the fins. The coil cleaner will do the job and all you have to do is flush the coil clean, do not use high pressure.

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