Advances in Air Tool Technology

If you live in, or visit New York, it’s hard not to be impressed by its sheer scale and beauty. Incredible buildings tower around you, whilst you can still find buildings that have real historical significance. It’s incredible to think that many of these amazing structures are held together with nuts and bolts from New York City itself, but we should also remember the impact that air tools have made. Advances in air tool technology have enabled construction to reach the heights that it has today. Here are some of the most amazing advances in air tool technology.

The Rotary Air Compressor

Piston compressors were widely in use until ATS invented the rotary air compressor. This was a huge advance in air tool technology, as it means that pneumatic tools could become more powerful yet still remain compact. They also create smoother tools, without the surges associated with traditional piston compressors.

The Stomper

ATS combined with L&J Concrete Co. to invent a machine called ‘The Stomper’. It sounds impressive, and it is. ‘The Stomper’ was both powerful and efficient, when it came to breaking concrete. One of these innovative machines could do the work of 10 men, thus allowing roads and pavements to be built much quicker than they had been before. When you see pavement breakers in operation today, you’re seeing a direct descendant of ‘The Stomper’.

The Air Pen

Art is everywhere we look, not only in New York’s famous art galleries. Signs, advertising hoardings, shop facades, are all works of art in their own way, and many of them owe their beauty to the invention of the air pen. The air pen is a precision pneumatic tool that is perfect for etching, decorating and engraving. The air pen revolutionized these fields, and is a breakthrough new product in the air tool marketplace. It shows that air tools don’t have to be big, to be effective.

The Erector Set Compressor

New York City is famous for its soaring skyline, but as buildings get taller new challenges emerged. Ever since the invention of the rotary air compressor, it had become an essential element in building repair and maintenance tasks, but transporting it to the top of high rise buildings could prove difficult. That’s why the erector set compressor was born. It allowed large compressors to be easily dismantled so that they could be carried in an elevator, and then easily assembled again at the destination. The power and precision of large scale air tools was now also portable.

The threaded rods, nits, screws and bolts of New York City help to hold our marvelous buildings in place, but the air tools do all the hard work that lies behind the city’s construction. All of the advances above have their origins in New York City, so its another part of our history that we can all be proud of. Visit the website


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