A Northalsted Chicago Dentist Explains How Cold Weather Impacts Your Teeth

Did you know that cold air is bad for your teeth? An experienced emergency dentist in Northalsted, Chicago, IL, offers wise advice on how cold weather impacts your teeth in a negative manner and how to avoid problems.

People Tend to Experience a Dry Mouth When Temperatures Dip

As the temperatures plummet during the cold Chicago winters, individuals may begin to notice that their mouth often feels dry. This is due to the lower moisture that is typically in the air during these times, and most people neglect to drink extra fluids making that dry mouth potential a greater threat.

A dry mouth can make it more difficult for your body to fight off nasty wintertime cases of the flu and other illnesses and increases cold and canker sore outbreaks. Avoid issues with your mouth by making sure that you drink more water each day. Keep in mind that many medications will make your mouth dry too and should be monitored.

Drier Air May Damage Your Tooth Enamel & Increases Sensitivity

In colder, drier air, your tooth enamel may become damaged as it expands and then contracts in reaction to temperature changes. This may also increase tooth and gum sensitivity. Cold air can also cause the gum to pull away from teeth making the risks of a tooth fracture greater.

Now that you know how cold weather impacts your teeth, take proactive steps to lessen the risks and keep on top of dental appointments and good dental care.

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