A Guide to Finding Furnace Repair in Seattle

The environment inside the home is important for two reasons: for indoor air quality and overall comfort. Most homeowners will eventually need expert help with service, installation or repair of the home’s HVAC system, including the furnace. Below are five steps Seattle area consumers can take to simplify the process of finding Furnace Repair in Seattle.

Request References

Reliable contractors are usually happy to give references, which allow the homeowner to talk to previous customers. It’s important to verify those references, and to ask questions about the contractor’s performance and overall level of professionalism.

Ask About Experience

For the best service, homeowners should hire a heating repair service that’s been in business for more than a few years. An established, experienced company can provide the quality service customers expect, and they will be around long enough to honor warranties on parts and labor.

Look for a Whole-House Contractor

A home is more than the sum of its parts, and most people have other appliances that also need servicing. Rather than hiring separate contractors and going through the reference verification process multiple times, it’s much easier to find one reliable company that can do it all.

Check the Company’s Licensing

In most places, HVAC repair companies must hold state and local licenses. Many areas have a website where customers can check the status of a company’s license, which makes it easy to find a reliable, aboveboard company.

Ask About Permits

Ask the contractor if they will pull the necessary permits for the project, or if it’s the homeowner’s responsibility. In many cases, quality contractors do all the permitting work, and hiring such a contractor can relieve the customer’s worries. Local contractors know the law, and they know how the permitting process works.

If a customer needs a local heating repair contractor, they should give Dick’s Heating a call right away. The team is backed by many years’ experience, and all technicians are background checked, fast, professional, courteous and knowledgeable in every aspect of heating repair. By following the tips above, customers can get Furnace Repair in Seattle at an affordable price.

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