Get Warranty Coverage on Air Conditioning in Puyallup Wa

New HVAC systems are a significant investment. As a homeowner compares options, they should pay attention to the warranty as well as the features and cost. A solid warranty can reduce an owner’s out-of-pocket repair costs and minimize hassle during an emergency. Use the list below to determine what an HVAC warranty should cover.

Warranty Term

A warranty term is its duration. The best HVAC manufacturers stand behind products for more than a year or two, which is vital when the system is supposed to last for decades. Because repairs can be expensive, it’s best to look for a unit with a long-term warranty.

Parts Warranties

Some HVAC warranties have different timelines for certain parts of a unit such as the compressor, heat exchanger, labor and parts. When working with a contractor on Air Conditioning in Puyallup Wa, find out if there’s a processing fee.

Extended HVAC Warranties

Dealers and manufacturers can offer extended warranties that increase labor and parts coverage by five or ten years. Customers should be wary if a sales rep seems to push this kind of warranty, as it can indicate a low-quality system.

Voiding the Warranty

An innocent, simple mistake on an owner’s part can void the entire warranty. Failure to hire a licensed, certified contractor for repairs can void a warranty, as can forgetting to register the unit. Finally, failing to provide proof of regular professional maintenance can void HVAC warranty coverage.

Installation Coverage

Along with manufacturers who stand behind their products, HVAC contractors should back the services they offer. This means that the contractor should offer protection in the event that the unit is accidentally damaged during installation, or if problems develop later. The best contractors offer a 100% money back guarantee on installation labor, so the customer doesn’t have to pay for a technician’s mistake.

HVAC warranties should give customers the reassurance that they have recourse if something goes wrong with the unit. A buyer should read the fine print carefully and ask for clarification if necessary. When buying Air Conditioning in Puyallup Wa, warranty coverage can provide peace of mind when things go wrong.

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