6 Questions to Pose to Your Framer

Looking for the right frame can be a bit of a challenge, especially when there are so many options out there. Need a hand finding what you need? Here are some questions to help you find the right frame shop for you:

Do they use acid free mat board when they frame?

Plenty of framers do so that’s good.

Is there any extra cost?

Since acid free mat boards usually cost a lot, expect the shop to charge more for it. If you’re getting more than one image framed, just make sure your wallet is ready.

Is the frame made out of solid hardwood?

If you want the very best frames to keep your images protected, then going for solid hardwood frames is an excellent investment, says Dr. Lori.

What’s your size?

Make sure they’re equipped to handle your frame size. Do you want a huge custom-made one for your card, butterfly, stamp or postcard collection? For customized Frames in Boca Raton FL, Rosenbaum Framing is a standout choice. So whatever size or length you want–small, narrow, tall and wide–you can easily have your frames custom-made to match your home and interiors.

Is the gold frame gilded?

Gilded means gold leaf pieces have been applied to the frame, often by artisans. They’ll also cost a lot. But you can also get the gold sans those gold leaf pieces too and go home with a competitively priced frame.

Do you use glass for textile or fabrics?

Want to make sure that piece of cloth survives? Framing without glass is actually better, despite what you see everywhere. Glass locks in the moisture and heat over time, all of which can have bad effects on the cloth. But if that’s not a concern, then by all means, go with glass.

So keep these tips in mind and good luck with finding the perfect frame!

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