4 Web Design Trends for 2016

If there is one thing that is true about design, it is that it’s always evolving. Design is dynamic, and has to adjust to accommodate function and form alike. Because of the ever-changing nature, it may be challenging to keep up with the latest design trends.

Hero Images

According to our Web Design in Monterey experts, one way to capture a user’s attention is by using a striking image. Featuring an HD image that has a compelling call-to-action may boost conversions. Since vision includes the strongest sense, HD hero images include one of the quickest methods of grabbing a user’s attention. Because of advances in data compression and bandwidth, users will not suffer with slower load times either.

Material Design

The material design style language by Google includes the next dimension to the flat design fad. Material design provides more depth to flat design by integrating shadows and light, all while featuring responsive animations and grid-based layouts.


Minimal and streamlined designs permit typefaces to be dramatic and possess a strong impact. Calligraphic and artistic fonts are becoming increasingly popular because they feel tangible and personal.

Background Animations and Videos

According to our Web Design experts in Monterey, the use of animations and background videos either can add an intriguing dimension to a page, or distract a user. As executed well, the craze may enhance the page’s content. The key includes playing with frame rates until the content and videos are seamless and cohesive. A simplistic animated background may add visibility to a website, yet must be used in moderation or it may be extremely distracting to a user. The key includes working on individual sections or creating a soft movement of a whole image.

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