3 Reasons to Rent a Chain Hoist

Keeping up with costly, specialized equipment such as chain hoists and other high pressure hydraulics can be tough for small shops with limited budgets. This is where rental companies that specialize in not only supplying specialized tools, but also renting them can come in handy. In fact, some of the smartest operations rely on more costly tools that are leased instead of purchased. It’s common, for example, for some companies to rent a chain hoist rather than buy one, especially when a high-powered solution is required.

Why Rent?

Making the decision to rent a chain hoist rather than investing in a purchase is solely up a business choice. Even so, this route does present some rather compelling benefits for companies that select it. Here are just three reasons to consider a rental over an outright purchase of this type of equipment and other more costly hydraulics:

  • The minimal outlay – Buying a chain hoist can be a very costly proposition for a small business, such as an auto garage. When rental agreements are used instead, this route enables the conservation of capital. While a monthly outlay will be required, the overall benefits can make this very worthwhile.
  • Elimination of upkeep costs – Paying to have a chain hoist maintained and repaired if it’s needed can be a big expense. When lease agreements are used instead this potential expense is eliminated from a company’s budget. Essentially, those who lease gain the benefits of use without the downfalls associated with long-term ownership of more expensive power tools.
  • Reduced paperwork – When lease agreements dictate the use of power tools, the companies that own them are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep paperwork. This means certification, plant records and so on are concerns of the owners, not those who lease.

Finding a Reputable Outlet

A chain hoist is a valuable piece of machinery that can be crucial for some businesses. To make sure a rental is worth it, look into the company offering the deal’s background. The best tend to offer outright sales and rental agreements both. They’ve also been around for a while and stand behind their products whether they’re sold or leased.

Buying a chain hoist can be a costly proposition. When there’s a need for one, but capital is tight, a lease agreement can take a lot of the cost and worry out of the proposition. To know more visit

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