Discovering Your Victim’s Rights By Consulting A Police Brutality Lawyer

Police Brutality has become a hot-ticket topic in the media with an increasing amount of cases occuring throughout the country. While police officers have the right to protect and serve, it is illegal for them to use excessive force when making an arrest, stopping a non-violent altercation, or otherwise enforcing the law. If you were the victim of police brutality, you should contact the law office of Zaloba Edward to hire a Police Brutality Lawyer today.

Tips for Avoiding Police Brutality

You should consider your own safety when you are pulled over by law enforcement officers. With the growing number of shootings based on miscommunication and false presumptions, you should turn off your vehicle, remain in your vehicle, and keep your hands on your steering wheel. If you are stopped at night, you should turn your interior light on to allow the officer to see you.

If You are Removed from Your Vehicle

At any time that the officer asks you to step out of your vehicle, you should obey. However, you should inform the officer that you do not consent to a search, if he or she begins to approach your abandoned vehicle. The officer must have probable cause to search your vehicle and in most cases they should have a warrant signed by a judge. You should remain behind your automobile and in front of the patrol car to allow the video cameras installed to capture the entire process. If the officer attacks you, it is urgent that you are in front of this camera as it can be used as evidence of police brutality.

Remain Silent

If you are arrested, you should always remain silent and do not resist arrest. Unethical police officers will use this against you to justify their unlawful actions. However, after the officer reads your Miranda Rights you should imply that you will remain silent. Changes in the laws as addressed by the Supreme Court state that the accused must make this statement to bring it to the attention of the officers that you will not answer their line of questioning without an attorney.

Police brutality is a growing crime that can happen at any moment. The unpredictable actions of law enforcement has lead to deaths and serious injuries. If you are a victim, you should seek legal assistance through a Police Brutality Lawyer immediately.

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