Your Vehicle Might Need a New Serpentine Belt Tensioner Pulley

Your passenger vehicle has many parts inside of it. Unless those parts are in good working condition, your car, truck, or SUV might not get you anywhere. Serpentine belts and related components are possible parts you need but don’t know about.

Serpentine Belts

These are belts that get power from a crankshaft pulley to the front engine. This belt runs over a series of tensioners and idlers to provide adequate tension throughout the drive system. Effective serpentine belts are often made with rubber, natural or synthetic, and they result in lower CO2 emissions, less maintenance, and cost efficiency.

Guide Pulleys and Idlers

These parts give drive belts the right tension and alignment. High-grade versions minimize vibrations, friction, and wear and tear.

Belt Tensioners

These parts synchronize the entire engine system. Optimal efficiency arises from minimal friction and vibrations, and high-grade tensioners are made using the best raw materials to avoid road contaminants that can lower engine performance.

Inspect These Parts Regularly

If you’re already used to checking your tire pressure and fluid levels regularly, then you’re doing something responsible for your vehicle. It’s also a good idea to check your belts a few times a year. Seasons can change them, and you should also look them over if you notice squeaky noises or changes in engine performance.

Does Your Vehicle Need a New Serpentine Belt Tensioner Pulley?

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