Your Questions Answered About A Dental Implant In Apple Valley, MN

A missing tooth can alter your appearance, and you may cause you to have difficulties eating some foods. If you’re looking for a permanent solution for your missing tooth, contact an experienced dentist to get a Dental Implant in Apple Valley MN. Below, you’ll learn more information about a dental implant and its benefits.

Q.) How is a dental implant procedure done and is it painful?

A.) Placing a Dental Implant in Apple Valley MN, is considered a surgical procedure because the dentist will cut into your gums and drill into your jawbone. After an opening is made in your jawbone, the dentist will implant a post in the opening. After several months, your jawbone will grow around the implant, and this secures it in your mouth. After the healing process is done, the dentist will finish the procedure by placing a crown on the implant. You won’t feel any pain during the procedure because your mouth will be numb. For a few days after the surgery, you may have some pain and swelling in your mouth where the dentist inserted the implant.

Q.) What are the advantages of getting a dental implant to replace a missing tooth?
A.) A dental implant is permanent and, after the healing process, it works and looks just like one of your natural teeth. When you have a dental implant, there aren’t any special care requirements, but you should still brush and floss as normal. You can eat any type of food that you want when you have a dental implant. This includes foods that are crunchy, crispy, and tough to chew.

Since dental implants look like real teeth, no one will guess that the implant isn’t your natural tooth. If you have more than one missing tooth, you can get as many implants as you need. Many patients choose dental implants over dentures because they look more natural, and there isn’t any special care required for implants. If you’re interested in replacing your missing tooth with a Dental Implant in Apple Valley MN, speak with your dentist about getting the procedure done. Visit website for more details.

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