Your Doctor Recommends Low Dose CT In Riverhead NY; What Is This?

There are several medical terms that get abbreviated to CT; carpel tunnel (syndrome) or cardio-thoracic (surgery) being a couple of random examples; but, in the context of this article, we are talking about (X-ray) computed tomography. So, what is it?

Using Radiation To Obtain Tomographic Images (x-ray CT)

CT uses x-rays that are computer-processed in order to produce pictorial images that depict slices of the areas of the object chosen for scanning (in medicine; this will be your body). This enables the technician to see inside you without cutting you open – these images are called tomographic and the technician will make recordings of them for the doctors to examine. The images, that appear to be three dimensional, are produced through digital geometry processing by taking a number of two dimensional pictures on one axis. There are many industrial uses for these techniques; but, medical imaging (for either diagnostic or therapeutic purposes) is the most common application of Low Dose CT In Riverhead NY. Different medical disciplines use x-ray CT; but, the field of early warning and cancer treatments is, perhaps, the most known. Laymen, like us, may be more familiar with the term “CAT scan” which stands for the same basic thing (computed axial tomography; or computer assisted tomography).

Why Low Dose?

In the post-Hiroshima, nuclear age, we have all been made aware of the cancer risks associated with exposure to radiation of most kinds – including x-rays. Shoe shops no longer x-ray your feet to judge your shoe size and the technicians who take normal chest or teeth x-rays wear lead vests and usually leave the room when taking their pictures; so as not to expose themselves to a buildup of radiation. Any exposure, that cannot be described as low; can be hazardous to the human body since radiation can easily damage our DNA. Generally speaking; young children are at the greatest risk and the risks decline with age. Therefore, whether for diagnosis or therapy, your doctor will normally only recommend that you go for Low Dose CT In Riverhead NY.

Where To Go

Obviously you can get Low Dose CT Riverhead NY from a hospital; but, it is not necessarily an in-patient, hospital procedure. Radiation clinics can be found and, for many tests, you can simply walk in and request a Low Dose CT In Riverhead NY; however, they will probably need to see your doctor’s referral before scanning you.

To get Low Dose CT In Riverhead NY; visit the North Fork Radiology.

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