Your Child’s Lifetime Health Might Depend Upon Their Experiences With Children’s Dentists in Phoenixville

We instill few health habits in our children that are as important to their future health as proper dental hygiene, including regular dental care. A person’s oral health affects their entire body. Poor oral health has been associated with endocarditis, an infection that affects the heart’s inner lining when bacteria from infected teeth and gums travels through the bloodstream and attacks the endocardium. Poor oral health has also been associated with low birth weight in babies, as well as unstable blood sugar levels in diabetics, osteoporosis, Sjogren’s syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease and more.

Many people avoid seeking the dental care they need because they are afraid of dentists. It is estimated that as much as 75% of the American population has some degree of dental phobia. In almost every case, their phobia stems to having had painful experiences with dentists early in life. This is why it is so important for you to seek the services of Pediatric Dentistry of Collegeville when your children need dental care. Pediatric dentistry differs from adult dentistry in that caregiver attention is intended to address the mental state, the fears and the vulnerability of the child. Parents are encouraged to bring their children in to see Children’s Dentists in Phoenixville as early as one year of age, to ensure that their primary teeth are erupting properly, but also, to plant the seeds of a happy and positive experience with dentistry. Children are generally first examined in a safe, fun environment, sitting on their parent’s lap. If your child is in need of more extensive dental care, he can get sedation dentistry from a good pediatric dentistry such as Children’s Dentists in Phoenixville. Your child will be gently sedated so that whatever procedure he needs will not be remembered upon awakening, and no pain will be felt. Pediatric dentists understand the unique responsibility that goes along with pediatric dentistry, and realize that they have the ability to influence a child’s perception of dentistry for the rest of their lives.

Do take your child to a qualified pediatric dentist from a young age in order to instill positive dental experiences in their minds. Do recognize that life-long dental care is an important goal for your child, and do recognize that his early experiences will tremendously influence how he cares for his teeth and gums as an adult.

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