You’d Be Surprised At The Extraordinary Things Found In Portland Drains

When homeowners experience clogged drains, they might try to clear the drains themselves. If they can’t, they call the plumber. It’s when the plumbing service in Portland, OR, professional finds out what actually clogged the drains that makes his job more interesting. What things have been found clogging drains?

Electric Razors, Dentures, And Hygiene Products

Some things are naturally kept in bathrooms. It’s when the baby or the cat gets loose in the bathroom that things mysteriously disappear. When a clogged drain happens and one or more of your things are missing, it’s no longer a mystery what the plumber will find in the drain.


A slow drain of long standing finally got cleared when the plumber found many hundreds of dollars in quarters in the waste drain pipes.


It’s said that curiosity killed the cat, but some get caught in sewer lines. Plumbing service in Portland, OR, personnel have found iguanas, mice, kittens, goldfish, squirrels, and a goose (poor guy got sucked into a pump and traveled through to the sewer line.)


Wedding rings, high school or college class rings, watches, bracelets, and every variation thereof get caught in drain pipes when people take jewelry off to wash their hands.


Pretty soon we’re going to see labels on mopheadss reading “do not flush.” Plumbers have found mopheads more than they’ve found flushed toys (but almost as many.) If you have slow or clogged drains, Clog Busters LLC will be happy to help. Contact us at visit us website to learn more.