You Cannot Go Out And Fell Trees For Their Lumber In Mission Viejo CA

Lumber In Mission Viejo CA is available from lumber yards and distributors in a wide variety of quality, size, finish and wood type but, just like anywhere else in the country, you cannot get lumber without a tree having to be cut down at some point. (Actually, that is not quite true; so called “plastic lumber” – produced entirely from recycled plastics reinforced with fiberglass – has been available for some time. But, it has never gained popularity; largely due to opposition from entrenched forestry industry concerns).

Big Oaks From Little Acorns Grow

The point being that a tree seed needs to be in the ground, germinate into a seedling that becomes a sapling and many decades later you have a mature tree that can be cut down and sent to a saw mill for the first steps in turning that tree into Lumber For Mission Viejo CA. The trees can be cut from naturally occurring forests or those purposely grown by humans in plantations (manmade forests).

Mission Viejo is located in the Saddleback Valley which is a hilly area previously used for horse rearing or as grazing land for cattle and sheep. This part of Orange County was never conducive to the growth of the large forests required to support a lumber industry.

Strange to say that, when an urban developer did move into the area and completed Mission Viejo in the 1980’s it was planned as a picturesque tree lined city. The planning was so successful that the city is officially recognized by the National Arbor Day Foundation. Obviously, anyone living there and thinking of finding sufficient lumber to construct a number of cabinets for their home will not be allowed to simply cut down one of these ornamental trees and turn it into Lumber For Mission Viejo CA use.

So, How Do People Get Lumber In Mission Viejo?

The whole world has now woken up to the fact that wood is a valuable resource and that trees are an essential factor in maintaining the planet’s environment. Sustainable logging policies have led to the demise of many small, local sawmills and most lumber these days comes from well established large enterprises.

These corporations will have some large scale direct end using customers but most of their available lumber will be sent to distributors’ yards, showrooms and similar outlets. It is from places such as these that the average handyman or contractor working with wood will buy whatever Lumber In Mission Viejo that they need for their current woodworking projects.

For any project requiring Lumber In Mission Viejo CA, the showrooms of Capistrano Hardwoods in Orange County is where you are most likely to find what you want.

Visit their showrooms or browse their website to find out more.

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