Yellow Teeth? A Dental Office In Tucson Can Quickly Whiten Them

Everyone wants an attractive smile that others will enjoying seeing. When a person has yellow or stained teeth, people may feel that they have bad hygiene or are sick. That’s not the impression that most people want to make on a job interview or first date. Cosmetic dentists at Dental in Tucson practices have powerful teeth whitening procedures available that can whiten teeth up to eight shades in a single visit. These are perfect for people who can’t wait up to two weeks to see results from at-home whitening kits.

When the patient arrives for their Teeth Whitening in Tucson procedure their dentist will thoroughly clean their teeth. This will allow the bleaching chemicals to have clear access to the tooth enamel. Because the chemicals are so powerful, the dentist applies a protective gel to the gums. Once the whitening agents have been applied, the dentist may also use a laser to make them more effective. They are allowed to permeate the tooth enamel for about 15 minutes and then the dentist removes them. He then applies a new layer of whitening agents and uses the laser to activate it. The process is repeated three or four times to get the maximum whitening benefit.

If a person has sensitive teeth, the dentist can adjust the amount of chemicals in the process. Some people are fearful that the whitening chemicals will damage their enamel. Just the opposite is true. These whitening treatment contains materials that strengthen the tooth enamel and make it less porous. Teeth have a smoother and shinier appearance that is more resistant to food stains. People are usually amazed when they see the finished result. Dentists usually take before and after pictures so that patients can compare the difference.

The results of a teething whitening procedure done in a Dental in Tucson office will usually last for about two years. However the patient must follow their dentist’s instructions for proper brushing and flossing. He may even give the patient several at-home whitening kits to use on a regular basis. This will ensure that people continue to be impressed with the patient’s white teeth and bright smile.

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