Would You Know Where to Find the Automated External Defibrillator in An Emergency?

You will have seen an automated external defibrillator (AED) used in movies and on television, mostly when emergency medical personnel have been contacted and need to restart an individual’s heart to help them live. Do you know if your organization has one of these; have employees been trained to use an AED cabinet and where is the location of your AED cabinet?

An AED Can Save Lives

Being able to administer an electric shock, through your chest and direct to your heart may be the difference between keeping the individual alive before emergency personnel arrives or the worst possible scenario happens.

They are designed to strengthen the chain of survival by restoring the heartbeat to a normal rhythm when an individual suffers sudden cardiac arrest. For each minute that passes without the equipment being removed from your AED cabinet and used effectively, the chances of survival are rapidly reduced.

Unfortunately, not all heart attacks occur in a hospital where expensive equipment and well-trained individuals can help save lives quickly and efficiently. Having an automated external defibrillator standing securely in an AED cabinet could prevent the death of a fellow employee or a visitor.

You may know that police, flight attendants, and some security guards are trained to use the equipment, but organizations are able to link closely with companies that supply this equipment to train several individuals effectively so that they are available to help should the circumstances arrive.

Where more people have been properly trained in using the equipment, many more individuals may be saved using the equipment and increasing survival timings and rates.

Being trained in advance in the use of this equipment removes the level of panic that may often occur when an individual becomes ill, and emergency services are required. The apparatus is designed to lead you through the process by using voice prompts, lights and messages so that accurate information about the individual can be ascertained and the decision made about whether and how the equipment should be used.

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