Working With Office Movers In Charlotte, NC

Regardless of the size of a business, the more advanced planning and organization that goes into a commercial move the smoother the operation will go. For any Charlotte, NC company, finding the office movers to do the job and taking advantage of their support, information and planning tools can make even a challenging move a lot easier.

Just as with a residential move, it is critical to do research on the office movers you are considering. While most local movers will do office moves, not all have specialized crews and moving managers to complete these complex types of moves.

By working with a larger moving company with a specialized team just for corporate moves, you get all of their professional knowledge, experience and proven services at your fingertips.

Plan Early

A little-considered benefit to working with the best office movers is that a special move coordinator will be assigned to work directly with your team. This professional can provide guidance as to scheduling the move, and will also coordinate how items will be moved to maximize efficiency when loading the truck and unloading on the other end.

By planning early it is also possible for the office movers to come in a box records, pack equipment and supplies, and begin to break down shelving units, modular components and unused fixtures and furniture if necessary.

This early planning with the coordinator also gives you time to finalize a floor plan for the new office, helping to speed up the unloading process. This also allows the new office space to be set up just the way you require when employees walk into work on the first day.

The Day of the Move

The move coordinator will typically be on-site with the office movers to oversee the process that day. In advance, he or she will have coordinated all necessary issues such as booking the loading docks, reserving freight elevators and talking to building managers in both locations.

Typically the fewer people, outside of the moving company, on site on the day of the move the better. This allows the movers to do their job without interruption, and it also ensures there is no miscommunication if various people are providing different instructions.

With top Charlotte, NC, office movers the move will be completed on the arranged scheduled to the best of their ability. If anything does arise that may pose a delay, the on-site coordinator and move supervisor is there to address the problem, leaving you free from having to try to deal with these issues.

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