Workers Comp Lawyer in Jonesboro GA – How Workers Comp Works

What happens after an injury at work depends on the severity of the injury and whether you work for an employee who is required to carry workers comp coverage. Minor injuries that don’t affect your ability to work in your regular position are not covered beyond any medical care. While a Workers Comp Lawyer in Jonesboro, GA can help you with any details of workers comp, it’s important to understand the basics.

How is workers comp used?

This kind of insurance is a requirement for employers in order to cover medical, rehabilitation, lost wages, and other important benefits if an employee is injured at when performing work tasks. Since most workers don’t know their rights when it comes to workers comp benefits, it’s smart to seek advice from an attorney.

What happens after an injury at work?

If the injury requires medical attention, the first things you must do is call for help and report the injury to your employer. Failure to follow proper procedures can and will likely result in not getting the benefits you deserve for your injuries. If the injury requires emergency, urgent care, a report will be provided for you. This all helps with getting benefits activated quickly.

What can workers comp cover?

Injuries and illnesses that occur from doing your normal work tasks, during working hours, or while carrying out a job-related task of any kind. The workers comp benefits you receive will be determined by the severity of the injury or illness and whether or not it is short-term, long-term, or if you can carry out the job tasks in your regular position.

What is the point of workers comp?

Workers comp has two primary benefits. One is that it covers the injured employee, and two it protects the employer from lawsuits. If a third-party is negligent, you may be able to sue that third party. For example, if the injury occurs due to a design flaw or failure of a piece of equipment, the manufacturer may be responsible. Your employer may have some claim to the settlement.

These are a few things you should know in case you get injured at work. There should be information about workers comp in your employee handbook and/or a poster in the break room or where employees can see it about what to do if someone is injured.

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