Work With an Eagle Idaho Management Property to Evict an Unreliable Tenant

Renting out properties can be a very rewarding experience, but what happens when one of your tenants does not do what they are told? Evictions are not very pleasant and in fact, a large portion of landlords will hire an Eagle Idaho management property worker to help them with this task. Tenant screening should have been completed prior to the tenant moving in but if you experience problems after the tenant moves into your property, it is essential that you evict them. An Eagle Idaho management property worker can eliminate stress and reduce the chances of a confrontation by taking the appropriate steps. The money you spend on an Eagle Idaho management property worker will be worth it because it will keep you in compliance and will minimize the chances of neighbors complaining.

Documents and Rental Agreements

The first thing an Eagle Idaho management property worker will do is gather the necessary documents. They will contact you to find the rental agreements because without this agreement, the eviction cannot be carried out. As well as this, the property manager may ask you for canceled checks or certain legal documents that outline the contract you made with the tenant. With this information, a formal eviction notice can be passed on to the tenant.

Formal Eviction Notice

The formal eviction notice will be taken care of by the Eagle Idaho management property worker. Before this can be passed on, the tenancy agreement must be ended and to do this, the tenant must first receive a written notice. The written notice will detail the reasons why you want the tenant to vacate the property and when. If the tenant does not leave the property within that timeframe, he or she will face legal action. Various notices may be administered by the property manager on your behalf such as the Notice to Vacate, the Notice to Pay Rent or the Notice to Vacate for Nuisance. It is also possible to evict a tenant even if you have no lease in place. The property manager will be able to help you with this.

Serving the Tenant

The final part of the process will involve serving the tenant. The Eagle Idaho management property worker will give the tenant a stamped notice after filing it with a Court clerk. Once the documents have been ‘served’ to the tenant, a return of service must be completed. The signed summons must then be returned to the Court Office clerk and so long as the property manager follows all of these steps, the eviction will be valid.


It is not just evictions an Eagle Idaho management property specialist can help with.


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