Wonderful New Looks With Upholstery in Greenwich

If you have a chair or a sofa that you cherish, but it is starting to look worn out, you can give new life to the piece by having it reupholstered. It is simple to change the look of a piece with new material and padding. Upholstery in Greenwich is often a cheaper option when you want a new piece of furniture. Rather than buying something new, you can take what you have and have it totally made over.

There are many options of materials on the market today that will compliment your piece. If you have an antique chair or love seat, you may want to look into a beautiful damask or silk to make the piece a more formal focal point. Batting and down can be added to make the padding more cushiony and lush. With upholstery in Greenwich, you can have your pieces beautifully restored to their original look.

If you have furniture that you recently purchased, but do not like the color. You can have it redone with your choice of materials. Redoing furniture allows you to customize it to match with your wall colors and flooring. Redecorating does not have to necessarily include buying new furniture when you can get the look that you want just by changing the fabric on what you already have to work with.

Since there are a number of companies that specialize in upholstery, you can always visit them to get ideas of the way that they work. With companies you can inquire about pricing and compare their work. They should put the quote for the work in writing and the quote should include the materials that they will use. Some companies offer discounts on fabrics, and with some companies you provide your own fabric. You can find out by asking if cotton batting or down feathers are used in the process. Sometimes the springs of the pieces will have to be retied, if the piece is very old or worn. You can ask if your pieces will have to have that additional procedure done. By getting references, you can determine if their work will suit your needs. Visit  for more information.

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