Wisdom Teeth Removal Through Your Local Dentist in Honolulu

Dentists and orthodontists focus on correcting mouth problems while maintaining oral health. If a general dentist cannot perform a procedure, they will send their patients to orthodontists. Orthodontists are dental specialists, or surgeons, who focus on straightening teeth with the application of pressure. If this topic interests you and you want to learn more, read the following information that focuses on what a dentist in Honolulu can provide.

For starters, the professionals at Ala Moana Dental can perform a wide variety of procedures. Dentists and orthodontists go to dental school for four years, but orthodontists continue their studies for an additional two or three years focusing on orthodontics and cosmetic procedures. The main functions of dental care include cleaning teeth and gums using various instruments. These remove stains from the surface and clean the gum-line in and between teeth. Orthodontists focus on the preparation of the mouth, strengthening misaligned and gaps between teeth. Most dentists and orthodontists preach prevention because it is a must for a healthy smile.

Wisdom teeth happen to be one of the most removed teeth dentists see. These are molars which usually come out of the gums in early adulthood (ages 17 to 25). There are several problems that are frequent with wisdom teeth. For instance, they usually must be removed because the jaws are often too small to accommodate these teeth. This can cause a misalignment of your jaw, which means severe mouth pain.

If you have wisdom teeth, your dentist or orthodontist will probably recommend that you have them removed. Sometimes all wisdom teeth will be removed at the same time, and there are other times where your dentist will choose to remove one at a time. Everything depends on the size of your jaw and the alignment of your teeth. Your dentist will examine the x-rays taken and determine if your teeth are affected to the point an extraction is needed.

Sometimes an emergency surgery has to be made when the gums are infected or the tooth has surfaced in the gingiva incorrectly. The recovery time is about one to two weeks. For more information on this, and other dental procedures, contact your local dentist in Honolulu.

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