Wisdom Teeth Problems: Seeing the Oral Surgeon in Short Hills, NJ

Wisdom teeth problems are commonplace. Because these teeth are the last to come in, they can often cause problems. Impactation and a lack of room are two common reasons people end up needing to see the Oral Surgeon in Short Hills, NJ. Being prepared for the surgery will help individuals to be able to go through the process of removal with no stress.

Surgical Removal Is Necessary

There are multiple reasons people end up needing to have their wisdom teeth removed. If there simply is not enough room for the teeth, the patient will need to have them removed by the Oral Surgeon in Short Hills, NJ. Wisdom tooth removal procedures have come a long way since they were first introduced. These procedures are now safer, less invasive, and can be performed on an outpatient basis.

The surgical procedure is carried out in the surgeon’s office. The patient is given general anesthesia through an, IV and they are put to sleep quickly. This is the safest method of wisdom teeth removal, especially when all four are being removed at once. If the teeth have cut through, the process is generally faster. If they are impacted, incisions will need to be made.

If any incisions are made, the surgeon will close the wounds with dissolvable stitches, so they do not have to be removed. The healing process is fairly quick with wisdom teeth removal and will proceed as it should as long as the patient carefully follows the orders of the surgeon.

How to Get Started

The process starts with a consultation appointment. This appointment is necessary for the examination of the teeth and health history. The surgeon will likely take X-rays to determine the positioning of the teeth and roots. This is important for ensuring the right approach is taken in the surgery.

If you have been experiencing problems with your wisdom teeth, now is the time to seek help. Contact Westfield Oral Surgery right away so you can schedule a consultation appointment. If you would like to learn more about their services, check out their Facebook page. Allow them to take care of your oral surgery needs.

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