Wisdom Teeth Often Have To Be Removed

Third molars, or wisdom teeth are located behind the molars on the top and bottom jaws, they normally come in during the late teen years. If the jaw is not large enough to accept these teeth they can become impacted and wisdom teeth removal in Chicago becomes necessary. There are incidences where these teeth do not fully emerge or they grow sideways or at a rakish angle. Whatever the situation, these teeth invariably have to be removed.

How can you tell if you have wisdom teeth?

You may not even realize that you have wisdom teeth; the best way to find out is to have your dentist take X-Rays. Using X-Rays, the dentist can determine if wisdom teeth are present and if they are, are they aligned properly and have sufficient room to emerge properly.

If there appears to be any problem you can expect that your dentist will recommend that these teeth be extracted before major problems happen. Wisdom teeth removal in Chicago is considerably easier when patients are in their late teens as the tooth roots have yet to fully develop. Extracting wisdom teeth from older patients is considerably more difficult and the recovery time is somewhat longer.

How are wisdom teeth extracted?

A great deal depends on the position of the wisdom teeth and the stage of development. A fully erupted tooth can be extracted as easy as any other tooth; it is when the wisdom tooth lies below the gum that the process becomes more difficult. When a wisdom tooth is embedded in the jaw bone it becomes necessary to cut into the gum to expose the tooth. Once again, depending on the specifics of the situation the tooth may have to be broken into smaller pieces to ease the removal, saving as much bone as possible.

After wisdom teeth removal in Chicago you can expect some bleeding and facial swelling. Ice will control the swelling and pain medications can be taken if necessary for the first day or so.

Wisdom teeth removal in Chicago often is necessary, the earlier you get it done the better. If you are having problems with your wisdom teeth you are invited to contact Chicago Smile Design.

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