Wire EDM Services – What Are They?

Have you ever seen intricate and complex shapes cut into metal that couldn’t possibly be done with standard machining methods? If so, it may have been accomplished with a method known as wire EDM services. This kind of machining makes it possible to do many things that a typical shop cannot do. Let’s examine the process and see how it works.

How Can You Cut with Wires?

EDM stands for electrical discharge machining. It uses four basic components:

* Wire

* Water

* Metal workpiece

* Electricity

Let’s take a closer look at each component.


This is not standard wire. In fact, EDM wire is very fine, and it’s fed through a special spool system.


The water that wire EDM services use for electrical discharge machining must be pure, so it becomes a dielectric. A dielectric is an insulator that has the ability to transfer electricity without becoming a conductor. Normal water is a conductor because it contains minerals like iron and magnesium. When you purify water, it no longer conducts electricity.


You can only use metal for this machining process


Current is used to create a continuous sparking.

How it Works

The metal workpiece is placed into the EDM machine. A wire is used as the cutting tool. Water is applied, and an electric current flows from the wire electrode to the metal workpiece. As the water flows, it becomes a dielectric, and this creates constant sparks that become hot enough to cut through the metal.

The water acts as a coolant and carries away the tiny cuttings. It also allows the workpiece to cool down after the cutting process is completed.

Wire EDM services can use their machining methods to create some of the tightest tolerances in the industry. There are few limits to what they can accomplish for your business.

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