Window Treatments in Stamford and the Tall Windows in Your Family Room

Did you purchase your new home because of the tall windows in the family room? It is not unusual for a home buyer to fall in love with large windows and the views that they provide. However, after you move into the home, you may find that you want more privacy from time to time. With all this is mind, you need to decide how to cover the windows. When it comes to window treatments in Stamford, there are many options. For example, you could select blinds are curtains.

If you have decided on curtains, you may have found that most stores only have what is featured on the shelf. That means that you are struggling with finding curtains that will be tall enough and that will match your d├ęcor. Do not worry. You can have your curtains custom done. All you will need to do is talk to a consultant from Dominic’s Decorating. When you talk to the consultant, tell him about your style. For example, tell him what your family room looks like. Perhaps your sectional is white, and your tables all features glass tops. Thus, you may want to interject some color to balance everything out. The consultant will go over samples of fabrics with you. This will help you narrow things down and bring more of your style out too.

Because the curtains will be custom made, you do not have to worry about proper fit. Your Window Treatments in Stamford will be done correctly. Once they are in place, you will love being able to shut them when you want more privacy. Further, by shutting the curtains, you will not be dealing with a glare on the TV while you relax and watch a movie with your family.

Now is the best time to talk to the consultant. He will be happy to answer all of your questions and help you with your style choice. Next, the work can begin. Once everything has been done, you will be excited to walk into your family room and see how the custom curtains compliment the entire room. You will love having the added privacy too.


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