Window Replacement in Washington, DC Lowers Energy Bills

Washington DC experiences very hot summers, and that requires residents to use their air conditioning systems nonstop. Unfortunately, the winters can produce cold weather and even some snow. Therefore, residents often have to turn their heating systems on. As energy prices continue to rise, the cost of keeping a house cool in the summer and warm in the winter continues to go up. Homeowners who live in older homes should inspect their windows regularly. If they can feel a draft in the winter or warmth during the summer as they put their hands on the windows, then Window Replacement in Washington DC will help lower their energy bills.

A government report found that up to 46 percent of all air conditioning loss is through the windows and doors. Homeowners can visit the Master Seal online website to learn how energy-efficient windows are much better than older windows. It’s not uncommon for the same windows to be kept in the house frame for 20 or 30 years. Energy-efficient designs have revolutionized the window replacement service in Washington DC industry. Older homes have wood windows, while contractors now install vinyl windows almost exclusively.

Vinyl window frames don’t absorb as much moisture as wood window frames. As a result, the vinyl frames don’t expand and contract as the moisture freezes and thaws. Therefore the seal between the house frame and window frame stays much tighter. That means less heating and cooling loss. The glass panes in windows have also changed quite a bit. Older windows just had one layer of glass. Energy-efficient window panes now have between two to four layers. An inert gas is pumped between the layers. This provides insulation. Not only does the house stay a more consistent temperature, it’s much quieter as well.
While homeowners look forward to lower energy costs, they also look forward to less maintenance as a result of their Window Replacement in Washington DC. Vinyl window frames never have to be repainted. There are many different colors, so it won’t be difficult for homeowners to find one that they’ll love for many years. It’s also easier to clean the outside of the windows. All the person has to do is tilt the window in.

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