Window Repair Service in Davenport IA for Screens and Frames Keeps Pests Out

Window Repair Service in Davenport IA for frames and screens is helpful for preventing certain problems. A damaged window frame can let cold and hot air in from outside, undermining the efforts for interior climate control. Insects and other bugs can maneuver through cracks and holes. A damaged screen also allows bugs to fly in and crawl through.

Repairing and Replacing Screens

Many homeowners don’t realize that window screens often can be repaired instead of replaced. Even a small hole that was ripped into the material might be patched in a way that is barely noticeable. However, a larger one or a tear that has been left to worsen for a long time may not be fixable. In some cases, most of the window screens in the house have seen better days, and the owner may want to have all of them replaced by a Window Repair Service in Davenport IA.

Even when certain windows are always kept closed, damaged and deteriorated screens can cause problems. Bugs crawl in between the screen and the glass, leading to the clutter of dead bugs like moths, flies, and gnats on the windowsill. This is unpleasant to view and requires frequent vacuuming or mopping up of the carcasses.

Sealing Frames

In regard to frames, areas around older frames can be sealed to block air leaks as well as bugs. Having full window replacement may be cost-prohibitive at the present time, and this strategy can help. The simplest method is to caulk around the frames with clear caulk or one that exactly matches the color of the frames or the home’s siding.

Hiring a General Contractor

By having this project completed by a general contractor such as Quality Construction Services Inc, the customer can have the worker check over the rest of the house for areas that need patching. There might be tiny holes or cracks at the foundation level that are responsible for mice being able to get in, for example. Yellow jackets that live underground near the house may invade tiny openings that allow them to build nests in the walls. Visit the website for information.

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