Window Awnings for Any Season

When you think of window awnings, the first thing you might think of is their aesthetic value. A house with these beautiful awnings has that added curb appeal that you sometimes can’t put your finger on. They dress up a house and give it a little added flare. But window awnings serve a practical purpose as well. They shade and protect areas of your home from glare, sun damage and, if used over a door opening, protect you from the elements.

Types of Awnings
There are so many different kinds of awnings to choose from. Stationery and retractable, fabric and aluminum, dome shaped and flat. Those are some of your choices when it comes to picking out what awnings you want for your home. The color or pattern of your window awnings are also something to be considered. The color of an awning makes a great accent to your home, whether they match your front door, or complements your home’s colors.

Energy Savings
You might not think about the benefits of a Window Awning because your primary reason for getting them was for decorative purposes. However, awnings can also cut your energy costs in the summer by blocking the sun from your windows and walls and keeping your rooms cooler. It makes sense, right? Keep the sun out and your whole house will stay cooler. Blocking some of that sun will also keep your carpets and furniture safe from UV rays that can fade their colors.

Retractable Awnings
Installing awnings that are retractable give you the best of both worlds. In the summer or on bright sunny days, you can lower the awnings to give you the cool shade, and in the winter, you can easily raise the awnings to allow more light and warmth into your home. Retractable awnings come in both motorized and roll-up styles. Choose whatever is easiest for you and best for the look of your home. Retractable awnings are also great for over porch doors or garage entrances. You can never get your keys out and the door open quick enough when it’s raining or snowing, right? So install a window awning over the door and shelter yourself from the elements. You’ll stay dry and happy.

Relax and enjoy cool, comfortable shade with an awning from Eclipse.

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