Wichita Dentists and Same Day Implantation

Losing a tooth or living with missing teeth is hard on anyone’s psyche. A person shouldn’t have to go through life hiding their smile, yet millions of people do. Wichita Dentists are here to help any way they can. However, you must take the initiative and consult a dentist first. Implantation is one of the most used ways of replacing lost teeth. This article will explain some of the most commonly asked questions and the answers to those questions.

Implantation in a single day – whether it is safe?

The immediate loading of a new implant and a temporary crown increases the risk of rejection, but only slightly. Temporary crowns are made of ultralight plastics therefore they offer little risk due to the “use” of the tooth, mainly when you chew. However, when chewing load is minimal, the risk is justified by aesthetic values. Roughly speaking, there is no need to gnaw on nuts and nibble on solid foods, such as apples, making the risk of rejection minimal.

Which is better: a classic two-stage implantation or implantation in a single day?

As mentioned above, you must first take into account the exact implant placement, meaning the area of the dentition. If we are talking about the teeth you chew with, it is best to turn to the classical two-stage implantation. Another important point is the specialist’s qualification. To properly assess the conditions, you need competent Wichita Dentists who have a higher level of knowledge and skills. Otherwise, it may result in rejection of the implant due to medical errors. For example, incorrect handling of soft tissues in the area of implantation, as well as irregularities during the installation of the implant, can lead to aesthetic issues and rejection.

How does a single-step implantation affect the cost?

To be honest, in most cases, reducing the time of implantation to one day increases the price. This is due to a couple of things. Firstly, the use of single-step techniques often require the use of additional osteoplastic material. This is necessary to compensate for the deficit of bone tissue around the implant. Second, the price of implantation is increased due to the cost of the temporary crown, which is not used in the classical two-step procedure. However, as already mentioned, the one-step technique allows you to immediately achieve a high esthetic result. For more information visit Dental Corner today.

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